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A Digital Alliance for “Space” within GAIA-X

3DS OUTSCALE, CS GROUP, EBRC and RHEA Group join their forces to develop new Trusted Services for the fast growing and sensitive “Space” industry, following and thereby stimulating the European GAIA-X initiative.

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Mathias Link nommé directeur intérimaire du European Space Resources Innovation Centre

L'Agence spatiale luxembourgeoise (LSA) et le Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) ont nommé Mathias Link directeur ad interim du European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC).

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Space Forum Day 2: from cybersecurity and sustainability to big data

On the second day of the Space Forum 2020, which took place on September 16th, local and international space experts shared their vision and presented their innovative solutions. The phygital event, with a couple of speakers discussing these topics from Luxembourg and many remotely from all around the world, met with great success.

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Space Forum Day 1: the advent of 5G, an open access to space and new maritime applications

On September 15th, a phyigtal edition of Space Forum took place from Luxembourg and was broadcasted in the entire world. Several local and international experts shared their knowledge and discussed the latest space trends. During the first day of Space Forum, they notably focused on 5G and next level applications, open access to space and space applications for Maritime and IoT services.

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Pascal Rogiest devient l’administrateur délégué de RHEA System Luxembourg

Le Groupe RHEA, société privée d’ingénierie et de solutions professionnelles dans les secteurs de la cybersécurité et du spatial, a annoncé le renforcement de sa direction exécutive avec la venue de Pascal Rogiest, actuellement CEO de LuxTrust. Pascal Rogiest entrera en fonction en décembre 2020.


How Space can help to fight the COVID-19?

By Jean-Jacques Dordain, Charlie Bolden, Ji WU.Humanity is facing an invasion. In span a few months, an invisible outside force we know very little about has killed hundreds of thousands and wrecked havoc in all corners of the world.

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“Blue Origin is building a road to space”

Clay Mowry, VP Global Sales, Blue Origin, will participate to this year’s edition of Space Forum: on September 15th, he will take the virtual stage and deliver an inspiring speech entitled “Building a Road to Space”.


Interview with Fabien Jordan, Astrocast

Fabien Jordan, Founder & CEO of Astrocast, tells us more about his company’s mission and ambitions. The expert will participate to this year’s phygital edition of Space Forum and will take the stage on September 15th, with a presentation entitled “Direct-to-satellite IoT - How to get Product/Market Fit”

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Launch of the first high-performance microsatellite of its kind produced and assembled in Luxembourg

The ESAIL microsatellite for tracking ships worldwide – developed under ESA's Partnership Projects programme – has been launched last night aboard an Arianespace Vega from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. ESAIL is the first satellite of its kind produced and assembled in Luxembourg by the company LuxSpace, involving a large number of European small and medium-sized enterprises, with the support of the Luxembourg Space Agency and other ESA member states. 

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Discovering Iridium’s LEO network with Matt Desch

Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium Communications, will participate to the next edition of Space Forum and will share his expertise and knowledge during the “Open Access to Space” session, on September 15th. Today, he tells us more about the mission of Iridium and explains how it plans on to redefine satellite communications. Do not miss his presentation and REGISTER NOW.

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SpaceRessources : renouvellement des mandats membres de l'Advisory Board et arrivée d'Etienne Schneider

Mis en place en 2017 dans le cadre de l'implémentation de la stratégie de l'initiative SpaceResources.lu, le Conseil consultatif sur les ressources spatiales a comme principale mission de soutenir le gouvernement sur les thèmes liés à l'exploration et à l'utilisation des ressources disponibles dans l'espace. Animé et géré par la Luxembourg Space Agency, cet organe consultatif est composé d'experts internationaux de renom dans le domaine spatial.

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La LSA et le LIST s'associent pour créer un "Centre d'innovation européen pour les ressources spatiales" au Luxembourg

En date du 4 août 2020, un accord de coopération a été signé entre le ministère de l'Économie, en tant qu'organisme de tutelle de la Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA), et le Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) en vue de la création d'ici fin 2020, au Luxembourg, d'un "European Space Resources Innovation Centre", dénommé ESRIC sous forme abrégée.