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Woman Gets Million Pay From Betting Empire

Denise Coates has hit the jackpot yet again. The 53-year-old founder and chief executive officer of Bet365 Group Ltd. pocketed 468.9 million pounds ($648 million) in pay and dividends, almost 50% more than a year earlier, according to a filing from the online bookmaker.

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YesWeHack ensures the continuous security of a COVID-19 contact tracing app

YesWeHack, Europe’s Bug Bounty leader, today announced the launch of a dedicated vulnerability detection programme for StopCovid, France’s official app in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Developed by a con bbbksortium of public and private actors, the application aims to ensure reliable contact tracing as France progressively loosens the country-wide lockdown. Following a recommendation from France’s national cybersecurity agency, the StopCovid project team has opted for the highest possible transparency and security for the app users. YesWeHack’s community of ethical hackers will aim to identify every potential weakness in the app. Those vulnerabilities are reported directly to the StopCOVID project team.