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2015-2020: NO TIME TO WASTE : BUILD TOGETHER EUROPE CYBER RESILIENCE & DIGITAL TRUSTEntering the 2015-2020 period, EBRC was considered a renowned European Trusted Center, operating from Luxembourg for its clients located in Europe and overseas. . At the time, Yves Reding, the CEO of the company, was eyeing a new acquisition to increase its physical presence in Europe. In the fourth episode of this 20th anniversary series, he focuses on the strategic partnership concluded with a French company specializing in database management. He also discusses the need to build bridges across Europe and the recent Gaia-X initiative, which aims at creating an efficient, secure, and trustworthy data and infrastructure ecosystem in Europe.

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Libérez le potentiel de vos données pour le monde de l’IA et du multi-cloud

Depuis des années, les entreprises accumulent et stockent des données à un rythme impressionnant. La multiplicité des lieux de stockage entraîne des coûts élevés et une désorganisation au sein des entreprises. La solution IBM Cloud Pak for Data a été conçu pour répondre à ces problématiques.

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EBRC, 20 years of Digital & Trust, Experience & Lessons Learned - Part 3

2010-2015: IN EUROPE WE TRUST, IN EARTH WE BELIEVE.Ten years after its creation, and after being named one of the Best Kept Secrets in Europe, EBRC entered its third phase with a brand new corporate identity and a strategy built on its core values: EARTH (Excellence, Agility, Responsibility, Trust and Human). In the third part of this 20th anniversary series, Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC, tells us more about his company’s new corporate identity, its diversification in terms of clients, and discusses the early stage of the creation of a digital Europe.

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Luxembourg ICT Awards 2020: who are the winners?

After an insightful conference session with several keynote speakers sharing their expertise, many digital participants gathered to attend the remote ceremony of the Luxembourg ICT Awards. The ceremony was sponsored by Deloitte Luxembourg and moderated by Lisa Burke.

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Salesforce Joins Cloud Project GAIA-X

The global pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of all aspects of our society. As businesses across Europe adapt, our digital future must be built on shared values. Trust and Innovation are two of Salesforce’s core values, and they are also the cornerstone of GAIA-X, a multi-stakeholder effort for the creation of a digital infrastructure for Europe.

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A Digital Alliance for “Space” within GAIA-X

3DS OUTSCALE, CS GROUP, EBRC and RHEA Group join their forces to develop new Trusted Services for the fast growing and sensitive “Space” industry, following and thereby stimulating the European GAIA-X initiative.

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Téléchargez la dernière édition du magazine EBRC « Digital & Trust »

2020 aura été une année charnière, car pour faire face à la crise sanitaire, il aura fallu se renouveler et s’adapter à de nouvelles méthodes de travail. Pour EBRC, 2020 est également synonyme de 20 ans d’existence. Créée en pleine euphorie « e-Business » en 2000, la société aura été témoin de nombreuses évolutions IT et business.

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Summit: an innovative Data Management System by SEQVOIA

SEQVOIA is delighted to announce the launch of a new Data and Workflow management platform, Summit, to allow asset managers, banks and insurers to manage their data sources and workflows in a flexible and transparent manner.

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"Dans dix ans, tous les services de pathologie seront numérisés"

L’objectif de l’initiative TECH4ALL de Huawei consiste à garantir que le monde numérique ne laisse personne pour compte en encourageant les programmes d’inclusion numérique et en facilitant l’adoption de la technologie dans le monde entier. Ce projet est similaire au travail réalisé dans les universités européennes dans lesquelles les projets de recherche se concentrent sur l’utilisation de la technologie pour le bien de la société. 

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IT One Gala & Luxembourg ICT Awards 2020: Save the date!

A new edition of the traditional IT One Gala will take place next December 1st, at LuxExpo The Box. As usual, the event will be composed of a series of conference, a networking session and a gala dinner where the Luxembourg ICT Awards will be distributed.